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Bodies that move stay in the groove.

You’ll enjoy the flow and fun of Centered’s yoga and movement classes. Feeling stiff in mind and body can feel restrictive and discouraging. Stay in motion by taking classes led by qualified instructors with expertise in guiding you through postures that will open you to feeling better in your body. With yoga to start and Body Groove and Pilates coming soon, your health journey begins here.

About the COVID-19 Impact:  Smaller, in-person classes allow for physical distancing. Online options for some classes allow you to be “in the room” yet in the comfort of your own home.

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Chandra White

Chandra’s understanding of the healing power of yoga comes from both personal experience and almost two decades of working with students in classes and at centers for healing. Trained as a 500-hour experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), Chandra has enhanced her education with Health Coach and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training at Duke University’s Center for Integrative Health and with specialties in yoga for trauma and addiction. The practice of yoga – including breathwork and mindfulness – are what helps to anchor and expand oneself so that riding the waves of life can be as rewarding and inspiring as possible.

Kaiut Yoga

Kaiut yoga was designed to relieve the challenges of our sitting lifestyle, and even to counter the effects of aging. Chandra loved the yoga style so much she had to be trained by Francisco Kaiut himself. By experiencing the effects of Kaiut personally, and hearing testimonials from other students of Kaiut, Chandra quickly recognized the power of this form of yoga to improve mobility and restore the body’s structure and function. Freedom of movement can be yours.  Sign up for a Kaiut class today.

Yoga Flow

Flow classes offer the exploration of movement and breath, with some postures held a little longer.  With a perfect balance of effort and ease, attending class lets the student return to his or her center.  As the student glides through postures and explores the cues for kinesthetic refinements from the teacher, the practice unfolds into a fully embodied experience on the mat.  With instructions for all levels of students, the class can be as challenging or as restorative as the student desires.  Join a yoga flow class to experience mindful movement on the mat.

Yoga 12

Yoga 12 was designed to integrate the 12 steps and other principles of recovery into a moving meditation. Attending class can help the student to “Let Go and Let God”. It’s a combination of yoga asana (postures), breathwork and mindfulness for those in recovery or those in relationship with someone who is. Proceeds from this class go toward the support of women’s recovery homes. Join the class for flow and fellowship.

Single Class – $12.50

5 Class Pack – $56.25 (expires in 60 days)

10 Class Pack – $100 (expires in 120 days)

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Bodies that move stay in the groove.
Tools to stay healthy and thrive.
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