Being healthy, strong and happy is possible.

And so is bringing what it is you want in alignment with what it is you do. Contentment can be achieved when desires and actions become united. Taking the first step is the key. Whether needing to shed emotional restrictions, recover from a loss, or release the body’s natural healing capabilities, coaching and wellness treatments can help pave the way to a better feeling you. Expert help is available so that you can get on the road to your inspired life.

Centered Health Services

Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching

When you’re feeling like something is just not right and you’re just not you, you may know that something needs to change but not know what to do.  You may not know how to get unstuck. You may have trouble getting started on a path to making healthy changes for the long-term.  Healthy beings tend to have a balanced life. They review their patterns of wellbeing so that they maintain the path of living an inspired life.  Life’s too short to feel stuck, sad, or governed by unhelpful thoughts or patterns. Centered Yoga & Wellness’s coaches use an evidence-based approach designed to help you define what you’re looking for and develop the action plan to get there. You’ll work in partnership with your coach to take stock of what you want, get centered around it, and develop a plan for success and satisfaction. You have God-given talents and the ability to live a healthy life with purpose.

Coaching sessions can help you to figure out what to begin with to start living an inspired, healthy life or address an area that you’ve already determined you want to change. Centered coaches include Chandra White, Nancy Hull, or Jessica Lee Reader, each skilled in helping clients to stop the habits that keep them stuck and start those that build lifestyle behaviors for the long haul. 

Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching Session – New Client (75 Min) – $125

Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching Session – Existing Client (60 Min) – $100

Sessions available In-Person or via Video Call

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Grief Recovery

Are you trying to live with the unfinished business of unresolved grief over a loss? Do you keep telling yourself you need to move on or get over it, but that just doesn’t feel right? Do others keep telling you to keep busy or to be strong? Sadly, these are myths, none of which are helpful to the one who grieves.

Grief is a natural response to loss and believe it or not, there are 43 types of losses. Every one of us has experienced loss, whether through losing a loved one, a relationship, job, physical change or illness. Loss is painful and it can cause a range of emotional and health issues to arise. Pain from unresolved loss and grief prevents us from moving forward but contrary to what we have heard, time does not heal all things. 

The Grief Recovery Method® is an Effective Action Program that:

  • Helps you look at your losses and the pain associated with them
  • Creates a safe environment in which to address the losses and the pain
  • Provides action choices to move you through the pain to completion
  • Requires your commitment to engaging in seven (7) weekly, private, online sessions with our Grief Recovery Specialist
Grief Recovery

Grief Recovery Method Program – 7 Weekly Sessions – $695, includes Workbook

To learn more about the Grief Recovery Method and how it can help you or those you love, book a complimentary consultation.

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Centered Holistic Massage Experience

Think Mind-Body-Spirit. You’ll enjoy an energy-clearing, heart-restoring session that you won’t want to leave! Often times, we need more than physical manipulation of muscles and tendons. We need a whole person treatment that recognizes how our thoughts, feelings and stress levels can either support or hinder us from feeling healthy and centered. With a precise, yet instinctual regimen for assessing and evaluating each client’s unique situation, each therapy session is guided toward optimal healing potential for the client.

Using ancient and contemporary techniques that may include Swedish relaxation, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, healing touch, aromatherapy, energy balancing and sound therapy, you’ll enjoy a deeply restorative and therapeutic experience that acknowledges the energetic composition of the whole-self. Book your session today!

Michelle Porter, Practitioner

Centered Holistic Massage Experience


60 Min / Returning Client – $70.00

75 Min / Returning Client – $85.00

90 Min / Returning Client – $100.00

90 Min /  New Client – $100.00

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60 Min / Monthly Massage Membership – $65.00

75 Min / Monthly Massage Membership – $75.00

90 Min / Monthly Massage Membership – $85.00


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Nutrition Services

Ensuring your body gets the nutrition it needs can be a challenge.  With so many diets, supplements and information sources out there, it’s easy to become confused and delay taking action.  You want the naturally occurring energy and vitality that comes along with a healthy diet but with so many out-of-the-box approaches, you can become concerned about wasting time and money on something that just doesn’t work for you.  That’s why Centered Yoga & Wellness offers customized nutrition plans through Master Nutrition Therapist, Jessica Lee Reader.  Jessica has worked with clients for over a decade to help them understand their individual biochemistry.  The combination of this unique information, with your personal nutritional goals and lifestyle preferences, fit together to form a strategy that is exclusively for you.

Booking a nutrition session with Jessica means you can stop wondering how to eat for wellness or weight loss and start on your path to a better-feeling-you today.  Take care of any food sensitivities or digestive issues and begin improving your energy, sleep quality, mood and vitality.  Take the fuss away and join your personal nutrition partner, Jessica, today.


Nutrition Therapy Session – First or Follow-up (60 Min) – $100

Nutrition Therapy Session – Follow-up only – (30 Min) – $60


Sessions available In-Person or via Video Call

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Wellness Service Providers

Chandra White, BA, NBC-HWC, E-RYT-500
Owner, Facilitator
Health & Wellness, Leadership and Financial Coach

Chandra is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a designation given by the National Board of Medical Examiners after rigorous study and testing.  She also has specialized training in Leadership and Financial Coaching and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.  She has worked with individuals and groups on personal health and professional development for over a decade.  After years in the hospitality, engineering and construction arenas, Chandra answered her own deeper call to health and personal transformation.  She learned the value of discovering and following one’s God-given path and talents, even and especially in the face of life’s challenges.  Chandra consults with, coaches and educates clients on personal growth, relationship and professional development topics.  Chandra has called South Carolina home for two decades.  She enjoys spending time with family and friends, collaborating with folks, cooking, yoga, walks and exploring new places.

Nancy Hull

Nancy Hull
Grief Recovery Specialist and Integrative Health Coach

Nancy is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist® trained by the Grief Recovery Institute, the creators of the only evidence-based grief recovery program in the world.  She is also an integrative health and wellness coach certified by Duke University’s Center for Integrative Medicine.  For Nancy, grief recovery is personal as she has experienced over 25 deaths and other life traumas. She knows the connection between loss and states of wellbeing.  She is adept at helping clients to let go of stress, become emotionally agile, and engage in the things that make them feel healthy.  Her calling is to help others on their journeys to resolution and completion.  Nancy knows first-hand how effective the Grief Recovery Method® works and she’s ready to help you have that same knowledge.   Nancy enjoys long walks with her husband, being in nature, birdwatching, and gardening.


Michelle Porter

Michelle Porter
Massage Treatment and Relaxation Specialist

Michelle has been a licensed massage therapist since 2006 when she began her career helping the community feel and heal better, one session at a time. In the years she has practiced massage therapy, she’s worked with an intuitive, therapeutic, and healing touch. Using modalities that include Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Stretching Techniques, and Aromatherapy, Michelle has an instinctual talent for guiding clients to the optimal therapeutic approach. Not only does Michelle continue to practice the techniques she is well-versed in, she consistently spreads her horizons learning new skills like Vibrational Sound Therapy, Reiki Energy work, and Chakra Balancing. A Centered Holistic Massage Experience with Michelle is exceptionally healing. She hopes to meet you soon!

Jessica Lee Reader

Jessica Lee Reader
Master Nutrition Therapist, Integrative Health Coach

Jessica is a Master Nutrition Therapist, trained through the Nutrition Therapy Institute where she later became an instructor.  She has been working with clients on nutritional wellness for over a decade.  Jessica is also certified by Yoga MedCo as an Integrative Health Coach and Team Wellbeing Coach.  As a Master Nutrition Therapist, she works with her clients to create customized nutrition plans.  She offers seasonal cleanses, food sensitivity tests and supplements.  As an Integrative Health and Team Wellbeing Coach, Jessica helps individual clients to create their own personal plans for wellness and corporate clients to engage in programs that contribute to their employees’ health and wellbeing. 

Jessica feels a real connection with nature.  As a teenager, she lived in the heavily wooded area of The Poconos and was captivated by its power to strengthen her mind, body and spirit.  She is also a fan of yoga and you’ll find her teaching here at Centered Yoga & Wellness.   Both nature and yoga have been foundations for Jessica as she followed her passion to develop the skills needed for her to help people feel healthy and vibrant.

Bodies that move stay in the groove.
Tools to stay healthy and thrive.
Coaching and treatments to enhance wellbeing.

Centered Yoga and Wellness is a place whose motto could be “where healthcare meets self-care”. The space has a beautiful energy to it and their approach is practical and patient. Movement classes are energetic, soothing, and attainable. The workshops are insightful and informative. Wellness services are with credentialed providers who know their crafts. We feel that Centered’s desire is to educate, empower and offer helpful pathways for each of us to move forward on our own personal health and wellness journeys. They meet us where we are and for that we are grateful.

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