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Being healthy, strong and happy is possible.

And so is bringing what it is you want in alignment with what it is you do. Contentment can be achieved when desires and actions become united. Taking the first step is the key. Whether needing to shed emotional restrictions or release the body’s natural healing capabilities, coaching and wellness treatments can help pave the way to a better feeling you. Expert help is available so that you can get on the road to your inspired life.

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Centered Coaching

Wanting something to be different or better for yourself can be empowering.  You know you were meant for more but may not know where to start.  Partnering with a coach can help you to define what you want and develop the habits to get there.  If you want to stop feeling stressed and start feeling better about your health, money, career or life, don’t delay.    Coaching works because it uses an evidence-based approach to changing the behaviors that keep us stuck.  The coach and client partner to help the client take stock of what they want, get centered around it, focus, and develop and work a plan for success and satisfaction.  You have God-given talents and the ability to live your life with purpose.  Book a coaching session today to start living it.


Chandra White, BA, NBC-HWC, E-RYT 500, Coach and Mindfulness Trainer

Chandra is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach with specialized training in leadership and financial coaching.  She is an instructor in the Emory Health Coach Training program and has worked with individuals and groups on personal health and professional development for almost a decade.  After years in the hospitality, engineering and construction arena, Chandra answered her own deeper call to health and personal transformation.  She learned the value of discovering and following one’s God-given path, one that has shifted as life has unfolded.  Originally from New Jersey, Chandra’s called Greenville home for 20 years.  She enjoys spending time with family and friends, collaborating with folks, cooking, yoga, walks and exploring new places.

Electro-Lymphatic Therapy

Lymph drain can help you to detoxify the body’s tissues, relieve chronic joint and muscle pain, reduce edema, improve immune support, alleviate cellulite tissue, and eliminate toxins from the body. The lymphatic system is vital to health. It is responsible for filtering out the toxins from the body and eliminating waste.  When exposed to everything from a sedentary lifestyle, diets high in fat and sugar and emotional and physical stress to environmental toxins, pesticides and pollution, lymph fluid can become thick and stagnant. Electro-Lymphatic Therapy is a gentle, light-touch, non-invasive technique to stimulate the proper flow and drainage of the lymphatic system. A combination of vibration, light and electrical waves cause the trapped proteins in the lymph to break apart.  When these non-nutrient proteins release their bond, the stagnant lymph can flow out of the body through elimination. Offered at Centered by Perfect Balance Natural Health, you can schedule a session by clicking here.

Tamara Preston, Practitioner
Candace Atkinson, Practitioner


Thermography is a non-contact, non-invasive procedure which captures and records temperature variations in the skin.  The skin is the body’s most intelligent organ, wired with a communication network that connects all other organs and physiological processes in the body. Thermographic images are assessed by physicians trained to correlate thermal findings with overall health.

Using the most advanced infrared camera, Perfect Balance Natural Health provides excellent image resolution so that clients get the most from their images.  Screenings are handled by certified clinical thermographers.  A comprehensive report follows the appointment within ten days.  Offered at Centered on special appointment days, you can add your name to the list by clicking here.

Candace Atkinson, Practitioner
Tamara Preston, Practitioner


Candace Atkinson

Candace Atkinson was born and raised here in the Upstate of SC. She has worked with the Greenville Hospital System and the Greenville County School system but her most challenging and rewarding title is Mom and homeschool teacher. After sending two of her three kids off to college, she now enjoys working as a certified Thermographer and Electro-Lymph Drain Specialist, with Centered’s coummunity partners, Perfect Balance Natural Health and Greenville Thermography. In her off time, she enjoys hiking, yoga and hanging out with her family including their dogs Kasha and Snoopy. Her husband made sure she was a Clemson Tiger fan before their first date and 24 years later the whole family “bleeds orange”, loves football and practices the fine art of all day tailgating.

Tamara Preston

Tamara Preston is a native of South Carolina and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Converse College in music & studio art. Complementary health has always been a passion and research interest in caring for her family and friends. After much study, Tamara went to Palm Springs, California to train under the founder of a unique manual lymphatic technique and returned to Greenville to open Majestic Wellness Center which specialized in lymph drain therapy.  In 2019, Tamara had the opportunity to join Centered’s community partners, Perfect Balance Natural Health and Greenville Thermography as an Electro- Lymph Drain Specialist and a Clinical Thermographer. Tamara is excited to be offering these services at Centered Yoga & Wellness.  She greatly enjoys getting to know her clients and providing them with individualized care.

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