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Okay, so let’s work on getting through this.  Most of us have not been through a situation like this – where not only is there a health threat to the world at large but getting information that you can trust and act on is tough.

There are advisements, thoughts and opinions all along the spectrum, and which warrant everything from staying at home and don’t let anyone in – to this is nothing more than the flu, so wash your hands, sanitize your surroundings and take it easy. You might be stocking up on supplies.

Our Philosophy – Love a Healthy Life, Together.

We exist as a space that supports and reinforces what is truly important to our clients.  Through yoga and movement, learning more about health and wellbeing, and taking part in complementary approaches to health, our clients can enhance and maintain a whole-health lifestyle – mind, body and spirit. 

Centered is more than a yoga and wellness space.  It’s a way of living, a place in one’s heart to come home to and to act from.  When we are centered, grounded, balanced, we can both “be in the moment” and naturally take action in life to express our best selves and to thrive.